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Effective Date: September 16, 2016

This User Agreement (this “Agreement”) is a contract between you (“you” or “User”) and Resgenesis Freelance India Pvt. Ltd. (“ResGenesis”, “we,” or “us”) You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in order to use our website located at www.resgenesis.com, all affiliated websites, including mobile websites and applications, owned and operated by us, our predecessors or successors in interest, or our Affiliates (collectively, the “Site”), all services (except the Freelancer Services), applications and products that are accessible through the Site and all Resgenesis mobile applications that link to or reference this Agreement (“Site Services”) whether provided by us or our Affiliates.  

This Agreement includes and hereby incorporates by reference the following: Resgenesis Fee Agreement; Terms of Use; Cookie Policy; Privacy Policy; Freelancer Membership Agreement; Resgenesis Payroll Agreement; Proprietary Rights Infringement Reporting Procedures; “Resgenesis Team” Software License Agreement; API Terms of Use; Resgenesis Widget Terms of Use; Hourly, Bonus, and Expense Payment Agreement with Escrow Instructions; and Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions, as such agreements may be in effect and modified by Resgenesis from time to time (collectively, with this Agreement, the “Terms of Service”). 

Subject to the conditions set forth herein, Resgenesis  may, in its sole discretion, amend this Agreement and the other Terms of Service at any time by posting a revised version on the Site and will provide reasonable advance notice of any amendment that includes a Substantial Change.  If the Substantial Change includes an increase to Fees charged by Resgenesis, Resgenesis  will provide at least 30 days’ advance notice of the change, but may not provide any advance notice for changes resulting in a reduction in Fees or any temporary or promotional Fee change.  Any revisions to the Terms of Service will take effect on the noted effective date or when posted if there is no noted effective date (each, as applicable, the “Effective Date”).

Your continued use of the Site or the Site Services after the Effective Date of a revised version of this Agreement or of any other Terms of Service constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the Terms of Service as revised.  In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the other Terms of Service, this Agreement will control unless the other Agreement explicitly states that it controls.  Capitalized terms are defined throughout this Agreement and in Section 23 (Definitions).



In connection with the Terms of Service, you may be entitled to receive certain records from ResGenesis or our Affiliates, such as contracts, notices, and communications, in writing.  To facilitate your use of the Site and the Site Services, you give us permission to provide these records to you electronically instead of in paper form.


By registering for an Account, you consent to electronically receive and access, via email or the Site, all records and notices for the services provided to you under the Terms of Service that we or our Affiliates would otherwise be required to provide to you in paper form.  However, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to communicate with you via the INDIAN Postal Service and other third-party mail services using the address under which your account is registered.  Your consent to receive records and notices electronically will remain in effect until you withdraw it.  You may withdraw your consent to receive further records and notices electronically at any time by contacting Customer Support.  If you withdraw your consent to receive such records and notices electronically, we will revoke your access to the Site and the Site Services, and you will no longer be permitted to use the Site or the Site Services.  Any withdrawal of your consent to receive records and notices electronically will be effective only after we have a reasonable period of time to process your request for withdrawal.  Please note that your withdrawal of consent to receive records and notices electronically will not apply to records and notices electronically provided by us to you before the withdrawal of your consent becomes effective.


In order to ensure that we are able to provide records and notices to you electronically, you agree to notify us immediately of any change in your email address by updating your Account information on the Site or by contacting Customer Support.  In addition, so that we may communicate with you via the INDIAN Postal Service and other third-party mail services, you agree to notify us immediately of any change in your address.


To access and retain the records and notices we provide to you electronically, you will need: (a) a valid email address; (b) a computer system that operates on a platform like Windows or Mac; (c) a connection to the Internet; (d) Current Versions of the software, browsers, plug-ins, or other computer applications and programs identified on the Site (Users utilizing other browsers may experience compatibility difficulties); (e) a Current Version of a program that accurately reads and displays PDF files, such as the Current Version of Adobe Acrobat Reader; (f) a computer or device and an operating system capable of supporting all of the above; and (g) a printer to print out and retain records and notices in paper form or electronic storage to retain records and notices in an electronic form.  By “Current Version”, we mean a version of the software that is currently being supported by its publisher.  We may change these requirements from time to time and will update this Agreement accordingly.  You should retain a copy of all of the records and notices we send to you electronically.

By accepting and agreeing to this Agreement and the other Terms of Service electronically, you represent that (x) you have read and understand the above consent to receive records and notices electronically; (y) you satisfy the minimum hardware and software requirements specified above; and (z) your consent will remain in effect until you withdraw your consent as specified above.



To use the Site and certain Site Services, you must register for an Account.  ResGenesis offers the Site and Site Services for your business purposes only, and not for personal, household, or consumer use.  To use the Site and Site Services, you must have, and hereby represent that you have, an independent business (whether it be as a self-employed individual/sole proprietor or as a corporation or other entity) and further represent that you intend to use the Site and Site Services for your business purposes only, unless you use the Site and Site Services solely as an employee and Agency Member of a registered Agency Account.  You understand that you must comply with any licensing or registration requirements with respect to your business, and you represent that you comply with all such requirements.  To register for an Account, you must be, and hereby represent that you are, a legal entity or an individual 18 years or older who can form legally binding contracts.  By registering for an Account, by using the Site or Site Services after the Effective Date if you had an account on the Effective Date, or by clicking to accept the Terms of Service when prompted on the Site, you agree to: (a) abide by this Agreement and the other Terms of Service; (b) be financially responsible for your use of the Site and the purchase or delivery of Freelancer Services; and (c) perform your obligations as specified by any Service Contract that you enter into, unless such obligations are prohibited by applicable law or the Terms of Service.  ResGenesis reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse, suspend, or revoke your access to the Site and Site Services upon discovery that any information you provided on any form or posted on the Site is not true, accurate, or complete, or such information or other conduct otherwise violates the Terms of Service, or for any other reason or no reason in ResGenesis's sole discretion.

You represent that you are not: (x) a citizen or resident of a geographic area in which access to or use of the Site or Site Services is prohibited by applicable law, decree, regulation, treaty, or administrative act; (y) a citizen or resident of, or located in, a geographic area that is subject to INDIA, U.S. or other sovereign country sanctions or embargoes; or (z) an individual, or an individual employed by or associated with an entity, identified on the INDIAN  Department of Commerce’s Denied Persons or Entity List, the INDIAN Department of Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals or Blocked Persons Lists, or the INDIAN Department of State’s Debarred Parties List or otherwise ineligible to receive items subject to INDIAN export control laws and regulations or other economic sanction rules of any sovereign nation. You agree that if your country of residence or other circumstances change such that the above representations are no longer accurate, that you will immediately cease using the Site and Site Services. 


By registering for an account, you must complete a User profile (“Profile”), which you consent to be shown to other Users and, unless you change your privacy settings, the public.  If you are a Freelancer, unless you use the Site solely as an employee and Agency Member of a registered Agency Account, you represent and warrant that you use your Profile to market your business to others for the purpose of entering into independent contractor relationships with other Users.  You agree to provide true, accurate, and complete information on your Profile and all registration and other forms you access on the Site or provide to us and to update your information to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness.  You agree not to provide and to correct any information about your location, your business, your skills, or the services your business provides that is or becomes false or misleading.  You agree not to register for more than one Client Account and one Freelancer Account without express written permission from us (except that you may register as an Agency Member of other Accounts as provided below).  You agree not to ask or allow another person to create an Account on your behalf, for your use, or for your benefit.


When you register for an Account and from time to time thereafter, your Account will be subject to verification, including, but not limited to, validation against third-party databases or the verification of one or more official government or legal documents that confirm your identity and your ability to represent your business on ResGenesis, if it is a separate legal entity.  You authorize ResGenesis, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries necessary to validate your identity and confirm your ownership of your email address or financial accounts, subject to applicable law.  When requested, you must provide us with information about you and your business.


You may create an account through which other authorized Freelancers (each, an “Agency Member”) may act on your behalf in the roles you assign for your account (an “Agency Account”).  A Freelancer creates an Agency Account on behalf of a business (the “Agency”), which may be the Freelancer as a sole proprietor or a partnership, corporation, or other legal entity the User controls.  The Freelancer that registered the Agency Account may also grant certain account administration privileges for the Agency Account to one or more Agency Members (each, an “Agency Account Administrator”).  Except as otherwise required by applicable law, only the User who registered the Agency Account and the Agency Account Administrators can add or remove Agency Members to or from the Agency Account.

Each Agency Member must have an Account and a Profile.  You understand and agree that the Agency may determine the Profile visibility and hourly rate of any of its Agency Members, and you authorize the Agency to do so by becoming an Agency Member.  Each Agency Member must be a User and must be a real person or legally recognized entity.  Each Agency Member’s Account Profile must contain the Agency Member’s real name, and Agency Members must comply with all Terms of Service.  Agency Members’ identities will be subject to verification.  If any of your Agency Members violate the Terms of Service, it may affect your ability to use the Site.   Upon closure of an Agency Account, ResGenesis may close any or all related Accounts.

You agree to grant access to the Agency Account, including with respect to any Agency Members, only to Users authorized to act on your behalf and only in accordance with the Terms of Service.  Additionally, you agree to be fully responsible and liable for any action of any Agency Member and any other User who uses the Agency Account, including Agency Account Administrators.  You represent that your Agency Members have the authority to accept the Terms of Service on your behalf and to create a legally binding obligation on your behalf.  You understand and agree that an Agency Member may accept and enter into Service Contracts on behalf of the Agency, and that the Agency is responsible and liable for all Service Contracts accepted by anyone acting as an Agency Member.  

Each Agency Member is either an employee or an independent contractor of the Agency, as determined by the Agency.  Without limiting the Agency’s obligations described in Section 8.2 (Responsibility for Employees and Subcontractors, Including Agency Members), the Agency acknowledges and agrees that it assumes all liability for the classification of its Agency Members as employees or independent contractors.  The Agency further acknowledges and agrees that the Agency is responsible for paying its Agency Members.  Agency Members acknowledge and agree that their Agency is solely responsible for paying them for work on behalf of the Agency and that such payments will not be made through the Site.

Your Agency Account (including feedback) and username are transferable only upon ResGenesis's approval, at ResGenesis's sole discretion.

You understand and agree that Agency Members’ Profiles may display work history that includes work done under the Agency, including after the Agency Member is no longer an Agency Member.


You acknowledge and agree that feedback benefits the marketplace, all Users, and the efficiency of the Site and you specifically request that ResGenesis post composite or compiled feedback about Users, including yourself, on User Profiles and elsewhere on the Site. You acknowledge and agree that feedback results for you, including your Job Success Score (“JSS”), if any, will consist of comments, ratings, indicators of User satisfaction, and other feedback left by other Users.  You further acknowledge and agree that ResGenesis will make feedback results available to other marketplace Users, including composite or compiled feedback.  ResGenesis provides this feedback system as a means through which Users can share their opinions publicly and ResGenesis does not monitor or censor these opinions.  You acknowledge and agree that posted composite or compiled feedback and any JSS relate only to the business advertised in the Freelancer Profile and not to any individual person.  You agree not to use the JSS to make any employment, credit, credit valuation, underwriting, or other similar decision about any other User.  

ResGenesis does not investigate any remarks posted by Users for accuracy or reliability but may do so if a User requests that ResGenesis do so.  You may be held legally responsible for damages suffered by other Users or third parties as a result of your remarks if such remarks are legally actionable or defamatory.  ResGenesis  is not legally responsible for any feedback or comments posted or made available on the Site by any Users or third parties, even if that information is defamatory or otherwise legally actionable.  In order to protect the integrity of the feedback system and protect Users from abuse, ResGenesis reserves the right (but is under no obligation) to remove posted feedback or information that, in ResGenesis's sole judgment, violates the Terms of Service or negatively affects our marketplace.  You acknowledge and agree that you will notify ResGenesis of any error or inaccurate statement in your feedback results, including the JSS, and that if you do not do so, ResGenesis may rely on the accuracy of such information.


The Site is a marketplace where Clients and Freelancers can identify each other and advertise, buy, and sell Freelancer Services online.  Subject to the Terms of Service, ResGenesis provides the Site Services to Users, including hosting and maintaining the Site, enabling the formation of Service Contracts, and coordinating disputes related to those Service Contracts.  If Users agree on terms for Freelancer Services, a Service Contract is formed directly between such Users, subject to the provisions set forth in Section 5 (Contractual Relationship Between Client and Freelancer), unless you are enrolled in ResGenesis Payroll.  When a User enters a Service Contract, the User uses the Site to engage, communicate, invoice and pay online.


4.1 Identity / Know Your Customer

You authorise us, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries we consider necessary to validate your identity. You must, at our request: (1) provide further information to us, which may include your date of birth and other information that will allow us to reasonably identify you; (2) take steps to confirm ownership of your email address or financial instruments; or (3) verify your information against third party databases or through other sources.

You must also, at our request, provide copies of identification documents (such as your drivers' licence). We may also ask you to provide photographic identification holding a sign with a code that we provide as an additional identity verification step.

We reserve the right to close, suspend, or limit access to your Account, the Website and/or Freelancer Services in the event we are unable to obtain or verify to our satisfaction the information which we request under this section.

If you are not Freelancer verified you may not be able to withdraw funds from your Freelancer account, and other restrictions may apply. See the Know Your Customer and Identity Verification Policy for more details.

4.2 User Services

Upon the Buyer awarding a project or contest to the Seller, and the Seller's acceptance on the Website, or the purchase of an item by a Buyer from the Seller, the Buyer and Seller will be deemed to have entered into a User Contract under which the Buyer agrees to purchase, and the Seller agrees to deliver the Seller Services. You agree not to enter into any contractual provisions in conflict with the User Agreement.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you comply with your obligations to other Users. If you do not, you may become liable to that User. You must ensure that you are aware of any domestic laws (including common law), international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations relevant to you as a Buyer or Seller, or in any other uses you make of the Website.

If another User breaches any obligation to you, you are solely responsible for enforcing any rights that you may have. For the avoidance of doubt, we have no responsibility for enforcing any rights under a User Contract.

Depending on their jurisdiction, Sellers and Buyers may have rights under statutory warranties that cannot lawfully be excluded. Nothing in this User Agreement is intended to override a right that by applicable law may not be excluded.

Each User acknowledges and agrees that the relationship between Buyers and Sellers is that of an independent contractor. Nothing in this User Agreement creates a partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship between Users. Nothing in this User Agreement shall in any way be construed as forming a joint venture, partnership or an employer-employee relationship between Freelancer and the User.

4.3 Special provisions for Local Jobs

Each User acknowledges:

  1. ResGenesis may from time to time include a map feature and Freelancer may display the location of Users to persons browsing the Website on that map. Every Buyer seeking services for Local jobs will be asked to provide the location where the Local job is to be performed or the goods are to be delivered. A User must never disclose, in any Project posted, personal details such as the User's name, street number, phone number or the email address in any Project description for a Local job or in any other public communication on the Freelancer Website.
  2. Once a Seller's bid has been accepted by a Buyer seeking Local jobs services or tasks then the Seller providing the service or task is obliged to complete the transaction, unless the service or task, goods or transaction is prohibited by law, by this Agreement or by any of our Policies.
  3. If a Buyer updates a Local job after it has been published on the Website, then all bids for that Local job made prior to the update will be automatically cancelled and the bidding process will restart. When a Seller has provided the goods or services or completed the task requested by a Buyer seeking services for Local job, the User must log on to the Website and click the "Complete" button for that Local job. Failure to complete the service or task will constitute a breach of this User Agreement.
  4. Our fees are applied to the amount of the awarded Seller's bid to perform the services for the Local job. Any items purchased by the Seller as part of performing the service are between the Buyer and Seller.

4.4 No Insurance Or Warranty

We do not offer any form of insurance, or other Buyer or Seller protection.

4.5 No Warranty As To Each User's Purported Identity

Because User identification on the internet is difficult, we cannot and do not confirm each User's purported identity. We may provide information about a User, such as a strength or risk score, geographical location, or third party background check or verification of identity or credentials. However, such information is based solely on data that the User submits and we provide such information solely for the convenience of Users and the provision of such information is not an introduction, endorsement or recommendation by us.

4.6 No Warranty As To Content On The Website

The Website is a dynamic time-sensitive website. As such, information on the Website will change frequently. It is possible that some information could be considered offensive, harmful, inaccurate or misleading or mislabelled or deceptively labelled accidently by us or accidentally or purposefully by a third party.

Our Services, the Website and all content on it are provided on an 'as is', 'with all faults' and 'as available' basis and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. Without limiting the foregoing, we make no representation or warranty about:

  1. the Website or any Seller Services or Freelancer Services;
  2. the accuracy, reliability, availability, veracity, timeliness or content of the Website or any Seller Services or Freelancer Services;
  3. whether the Website or Seller Services or Freelancer Services will be up-to-date, uninterrupted, secure, error-free or non-misleading;
  4. whether defects in the Website will be corrected;
  5. whether the Website, the Seller Services or the Freelancer Services or any data, content or material will be backed up or whether business continuity arrangements are in place in respect of the Website, Seller Services or Freelancer Services;
  6. any third party agreements or any guarantee of business gained by you through the Website, Seller Services or Freelancer Services or us; or
  7. the Website, Seller Services or Freelancer Services or infrastructure on which they are based, being error or malicious code free, secure, confidential or performing at any particular standard or having any particular function.

To the extent permitted by law, we specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, quality, suitability and non-infringement.


If you have any questions about this User Agreement or if you wish to report breaches of this User Agreement, please contact us by using our website www.resgenesis.com or emailing us at contact@resgenesis.com.

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